Of course it is not just the horse we need to look after. The rider is a big influence as well. Harmony and communication between rider and horse is what we want to achieve. From experience we have learned that this has a positive influence on the learning process. Besides this, honesty and consequence are very important at Equi Forma.

Because Milou has all the ORUN instructors certificates from the KNHS, Equi Forma offers technical support to bring horse and rider to a higher level. In combination with her Psychology study, Milou is also able to help riders with mental coaching. Often riders will not get the results they want because they are nervous or can’t concentrate. Equi Forma is able to help riders with this based on a personal plan. If you want more information about this please go to ‘coaching’.

Equi Forma also offers the opportunity to train for several days/weeks. Rider and horse have the opportunity to stay at Equi Forma. During this week rider and horse will get their personal trainings program.