“We are so focussed on results, setting goals and expect so much from our self and our horse that it can cause a lot of stress.”

Confirmed skills are no guarantee for success. Scientific research showed that people could do strange things when they are under mental pressure. People who are under mental pressure likely have a higher risk of falling back in old patterns and perform below the level of what they are actually capable of.

Besides the technical and mental aspects, also the physical aspect is an important issue to get out the best of you. Therefore rider fitness is really important. If things such as a good fitness, endurance and a healthy weight are 100% ok it will also improve your balance and control over your own body. The only way to achieve this is to change your lifestyle.

Equi Forma is able to assist riders in order to improve their mental skills, lifestyle, management and nutrition. The goal is to teach the rider to manage it’s own mental and physical condition in the right way.