About Milou...

You can find Milou in the stables every day. Besides the management she is busy with riding the dressage horses, teach her students, mental coaching and sport psychology. Besides that she also organizes clinics, workshops, readings and guest lectures. Also the sales of dressage horses are an important activity at Equi Forma.

Because of the different studies Milou has done, she has a lot of knowledge of many things that will help to optimize achievements. On of the things she has done is completing all the different phases of the ORUN instructor’s education. In 2010 she also graduated as a Psychologist. As a graduate research she did research to the mental processes within the equestrian sport. Some national and international riders and trainers participated in this research.

Besides that she also studied Orthomolecular (top) sport consultant at the SOE in Almere. Scientific researches as well as experience have shown that small adjustments in nutrition have a huge impact on sport results. Thanks to this education Milou is also able to advise riders when it comes to nutrition and supplements.

Milou her big dream is to ride Grand Prix. To achieve this goal she works very hard every day. Young horses are competed in the young horse competitions such as Subli Cup and Pavo Cup. She also competes at subtop level.

In the past Milou has trained with several top trainers. In 2011 she met Geert Jan Ribbels with who she trained on a regular basis. After a while they became life partners as well. Unfortunately this came to an end when Geert Jan was diagnosed with a terrible disease.

“ I learned so much from Geert Jan. I learned to go through all the phases from riding a young horse to train up to Grand Prix level. Geert Jan knew what a good horse was and which sort of training it needed. Together we have trained and seen a lot of horses. Unfortunately he couldn’t keep his promise to help me achieve my goal: riding Grand Prix. However I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from this true horseman and I am very excited to help my students in the same way as he helped me!